I have two daughters, one 25 and the other is 22. And they are always talking about weight, too skinny, too fat…and let me tell you one thing, this is so true for all the girls out there. Girls are motivated to lose weight by what they see in ads and on TV. What they don’t know is that most of these pictures are retouched. Actresses, singers, models. Everyone is slim to skinny. Why can’t they be inspired by a normal person? Because they are not constantly bombarded by ads of a normal person!

Why can’t women and young girls be satisfied with the body they have? Because of men? Because of the influence of ads? Because of women themselves?

I wasn’t skinny in my youth, i don’t have a great body, nor long skinny legs, i guess I’m just normal. And to top all that, I’m as lazy as they come! Yeah i don’t exercise (which i’m trying to change , only for health reasons)..

Some years ago, i was going through rough times, and i lost a lot of weight, i became skinny. I won’t say it didn’t feel awesome to be skinny (you look good in anything!),  i had no breast to speak of, and of course no buttocks (like an ironing board, my mom used to say!). On the downside, i looked older, my bones were sticking out, and i was always sick.

So to get back to my point, we are all born with a certain body that is just right for us. Be healthy, exercise, but don’t think that becoming skinny will change people’s opinion of you. You do that. By being your lovely self. We understand all that, but for teenagers it’s the end of the world (i wont wear a swimming suit, look at my legs!!!!, yeah right, look at mine!). I just wish ad agencies used more “normal” girls and instead of pushing adolescents into becoming anorexic, just promote good health combined with fashion!

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