Hi! I'm Rym El Jisr.

Our Design Philosophy Focuses On The Beauty Of Calligraphy In Creating The Most Unique Piece You Will Ever Own!
Our Pieces Are Versatile And Can Be Worn Alone Or Layered, To Be A Unique Expression Of YOUR Style! A Perfect And Unique Piece Of Jewelry That Fits YOU.

Our Fonts Are Chosen With Care, To Bring Even More Focus And Beauty To The Writing Of The Quotes. We Use Sterling Silver, And All Our Products Are Handmade By Artisans In The Trade.

Each Piece Of Jewelry Can Be Customized To The Client’s Need Whether By Color, Choice Of Words, Metal And Stones.
Here You Will Find A Unique Piece Of Jewelry That Celebrates Each And Everyone Of YOU!

“I Believe That Each Woman Is Unique, And Has A Unique Experience In Life. I Believe That Life Is A Road Well Travelled, With True Friendships, Love Experiences, And The Power Of Women… And This Is My Way Of Celebrating This Life! “



                                                                                                                                                                                                              Rym El Jisr, Co-Founder & Creative Director