My Admiration for Nizar Kabbaneh

I was never really interested in Arabic poetry until very recently. I was raised in a more european oriented culture, so discovering Nizar Kabbaneh's poetry was a pleasure!

I was researching Arab Poets for my necklaces at the time, and just fell in love with his words.

He was a rarity in the conservative Arab society, Kabbaneh was a progressive poet and a feminist at heart. Nizar Kabbaneh was a great poet. He picked up themes from real life and presented them into poems. He wrote on women’s condition and sexuality – a taboo issue in the Arab world at the time. One of his most famous poems in this period is 100 Love Letters.

Several of my necklaces are quotes from his poems, which celebrate women and their influence.

Let me know if you have a special Nizar Kabbaneh poem in mind, and maybe we can create a necklace for you!

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