My Gallery Wall

So..My gallery wall. In the past ten years i have moved 5 times in two different countries, amassed stuff, gave away stuff and stored stuff. Every time i move to a new place i feel the excitement of decorating, the challenge, the creativity of working on a budget, and finally loving the end result.

Through out the years my taste changed and evolved, till it reached an understanding and appreciation of objects that really matter to me, not just decor for the sake of decor. thus my dining room wall; it is a work in progress, you can find a painting by my son, a portrait by me, our love for cinema, an old cherished print of Paris that was at my parent’s house, an old mirror that can’t even give you a good reflection!

All these pieces have a deep connection to me and my husband, i love waking up in the morning and seeing parts of my life on my wall, i love adding to it new memories..Does your home reflect you and your lifestyle?

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