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My third child (sorry, adult!) graduated yesterday after 4 years at university. Looking at all the graduates of 2018, i was wondering if they all really knew where their path will lead them. Because very seldom does it go exactly the way you planned or dreamed.

My daughter, like many others, is at a loss wether to continue her studies or start working, she is basically lost. I was never a person to push my children into anything they didn't want; they all took their own decisions (right or wrong) and i always encouraged and advised them in their choices. I can't be the one to make their mistakes or learn from them, it is their road to travel.

That's why my only advice to my daughter was to take the first step, as Martin Luther King said, bit by bit you will get to see the staircase. My advice to her was to take a sabbatical year, travel, work, be independent, experience and learn from real life, and see where it leads you.

I am sure many of you passed through this stage, what was your advice to your kids?

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  • Leila on

    Most of us do not have a clue to what our path would be. we think we know :), but we grow with experiences and we define ourselves with them. Your daughter needs to get out there and experience something new and bold but having a plan (A, B or C) should be a priority. there should be a goal with the sabatical year, something she would like to achieve. Hope she will have a blast :)

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