Tattoo or no Tattoo

The tattoo craze hit home! 3 out of 4 of my kids have tattoos, all in the span of 3 years. Multiple tattoos. Yes. Shocking for me since i am a very classic person.

But i got used to them, i almost don't notice them anymore, to the point where i am considering having one. Yes, now that's shocking! I was talking about it to my only child that is tattoo free, about having one on my wrist with my kids initials. Of course she went crazy and became the mom, admonishing me about it! (I'm too old, it hurts, i will get bored with it...)

Her answer to that was, since i create jewelry, to make a cuff with their initials and wear it everyday; removable tattoo according to her! Well, i did that (in the photo above), and i never take it off. It has my 4 kids initials in Arabic Calligraphy and it's blingy to boot! So yeah, i'm satisfied. For now.

What is your take on tattoos?

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