Collecting memories..

I read lately that the things we collect in our homes are a reflection of who we are..Why do we collect things? And what kind of things do we keep around us? Is it just to make our home prettier and trendier or is it because we love to surround ourselves with things that have meaning to us? I believe it’s the latter, i believe that a home is the place where you truly are you, where each object is special, and put together they create the atmosphere each person wants to live in. A home is a collection of memories, and those memories are found in the things you collect..

These are two paintings i did 7 years ago (i don’t know how to paint, truly!), it was in a stage in my life where i needed to let out something, and originally they are supposed to be my 2 daughters (they look nothing like that!), i was thinking of them when i drew these paintings…I smile every time i pass in front of them, i smile because it always reminds me that i really don’t know how to draw, but i still do love them!

Do you collect things just for the sake of collecting, or does each item in your home suggest a story, a memory?

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