Are you productive?

My mama used to always tell me when I was a kid, “I don’t want to see you sitting doing nothing, be productive!”

And I was; I learned from her to be creative with my hands, stenciling the nursery before the kids were born, designing on glass, creating decoupage projects, sewing baby clothes, writing, and finally creating jewelry, and all of these activities gave me a sense of purpose.

I have a 9 to 6 job, a growing online business, and I still find myself yearning for these creative projects!

It really doesn’t matter if you hold a job or not to be productive. I think it is really important for a woman these days to feel productive, to have a goal and to pursue it (whether it’s a craft project, a book club, a cooking class etc), for her satisfaction only, because raising kids and being a stay at home mom doesn’t mean you can’t be productive in your own way. We were born to do something out of our life, and I believe each one of us is definitely good at something or another, so go find it and be productive!

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