Flowers make me happy.

I love having flowers around me, from the time i was a kid, my mother always and i mean always had flowers around in the house, she had a lady come over every week from a village bringing her fresh flowers, we used to call her the flower lady! She would arrive in the morning with a huge tray on her head, full of freshly picked up flowers, she would sip her coffee while my mom chose the bouquets she fancied..

I travel a lot with my husband and sometimes we stay in hotels for more than 20 days, and i always get flowers to put in the room, it makes it feel more like home…

Orchids are ma favorites of all time, for my 40th birthday my husband surprised me with 40 orchids!!!! Needless to say i was in orchid heaven! 

Plants come in second, the thing is, i don’t think i have a green thumb, i do everything by the book, and they always manage to die on me!!

I find houses or apartments without plants or flowers rather cold and soulless, i believe they bring life to any space.

Do you like flowers? Which kind is your favorite?

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