Our LOVE necklace

LOVE…Such a small word, such big meaning…

We love our parents, love our kids, pets, friends, neighbors, but when it comes to your other half, what is really the meaning of love?

With age i discovered that loving your boy-friend/husband is not all about the heart fluttering, sweaty hands, blood rush kind of emotion, (there is that of course), but to truly love someone is when this person gives you complete freedom. Complete freedom of mind, freedom of action, freedom of being totally yourself without censorship. That’s when you truly appreciate your other half and realize he doesn’t want to change you, he really loves you the way you are. He loves spending time with you, he is interested in your hobbies, jokes with you… Basically he becomes the friend you love to hang out with..

To celebrate this love i created the LOVE necklace, a necklace made out of the love word in 17 different languages, to celebrate love all over the world, to wear with love… I hope you like it!

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